Wisconsin Trailblazers Sled Dog Club

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The purpose of this Club shall be:

A.  To actively support the sport of Dog Sled Racing in order to familiarize to the general public with it and with the Sled Dog as a working animal.

      This we propose to do:

  1. On a local level working independently,

  2. On a regional level working in co-operation with other Sled Dog Clubs, and

  3. On a national level in conjunction with the International Sled Dog Racing Association, Inc.

B.  To organize and execute competitive Sled Dog Races, the primary purpose of which will be to provide an opportunity to Mushers to compete openly with each other in an atmosphere of sportsmanship to determine superior skills among Dogs and Drivers.  A secondary purpose of such races will be to encourage spectator interest in and appreciation of the sport of Sled Dog Racing.

C.  To promote cooperation among club members to improve our mutual knowledge of the art of Sled Dog Driving, the technique of training, the manufacture and use of sleds, harnesses and other equipment, the practice of Kennel management, and the sciences of dog breeding and canine hygiene.

D.  To encourage legislation for the benefit and improvement of the sport of Sled Dog Racing.