Wisconsin Trailblazers Sled Dog Club

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There are three types of membership:

Racing/Voting Membership: (Individual)  Over 16 years of age.  May vote; may hold office; entitled to all racing privileges.  Must attend a majority of club meetings each club year.  $25.00 per year.

Associate Membership:  (Individual)  For anyone who wishes to follow club activities and receive a subscription to the Club Newsletter.  May not vote, may not hold office.  Racing privileges.  $20.00 per year.

Junior Membership:  (Individual)  Ages 8-16.  May not vote; may not hold office.  Racing privileges limited to age requirements of the 6-dog class, 4-dog class and Junior class.  $15.00 per year.

There shall be no inactive members, either actual or de facto.  All members are expected to give generously of their time and talents and to work actively for the advancement of the club and its purpose.  

Click here for the Membership Application.  Note: Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to open and view the file.