Wisconsin Trailblazers Sled Dog Club

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The Wisconsin Trailblazers are 50 years and Going!
50th Anniversary Banquet @ Land O Lakes, Wi
Ron Behm winner of the Terry Valitchka Distinguished Service Award!
Jayme Bzdok winner of Scott McNown Junior award

The Wisconsin Trailblazers congratulates the following Trailblazer members on their outstanding performances during the last racing season.  

They are:
ISDRA Medal Winners: 
6-Dog Purebred Sled Gold -Kimberly Scharmer-Ruhl,
6-Dog Purebred Sled Silver – Jeffrey Siegel,
4-Dog Purebred Sled Gold – Kimberly Scharmer-Ruhl ,
4-Dog Purebred Sled Bronze – Donna Koepp, 
4-Dog Sled Gold – Jan Bootz-Dittmar,
4-Dog Sled Silver – Savannah Schallock,
4-Dog Sled Bronze – Beth Castaldi, 
2-Dog Skijoring Silver – Rachael Bryar Colbath,
2-Dog Skijoring Bronze – Melissa Omernick,
6-Dog Dryland Rig Gold – Jan Bootz-Dittmar,
6-Dog Dryland Rig Silver – Michael Marsch,
6-Dog Dryland Rig Bronze – Joseph Carey,
4-Dog Dryland Rig Gold – Jan Bootz-Dittmar,
4-Dog Dryland Rig Silver – Tanner Johnson,
4-Dog Dryland Rig Bronze – Savannah Schallock,
2-Dog Dryland Scooter Gold  – Ronald McCarty, Jr.,
2-Dog Dryland Scooter Silver – Rachael Bryar Colbath,   
2-Dog Dryland Bikejoring Gold – Melissa Omernick,
2-dog Dryland Bikejoring Silver – Savannah Schallock

IFSS World Cup Series (per USFSS Secretary) – North America -   
Richard  Kisselhoff: -
Dryland Bikejoring- World 3rd place,
Dryland Scooter 2 dog Class- 1st place,  
Dryland Bikejoring Men- 1st  place,
Skijoring Men’s 2 dog- 1st place,
Dryland Scooter 2 dog class- World 1st place,       

Kim Scharmer Ruhl:  Sprint 4 Dog Class Nordic Breed 2nd place,
Sprint 6 dog Nordic Breed- World 2nd place,    

Rachael Bryar Colbath:  Dryland Scooter 2 dog class- World 2nd place,     

Michael Marsch:  Dryland Rig 6 dog class- World 2nd place,
Dryland Rig 6 dog class-North America 1st place,   

Jessica Olsen: Dryland Bikejoring Women- World 2nd place, 
Dryland Bikejoring Women- North America 1st place


Our members who earned ISDRA Medals in 2016


ISDRA Medals are awarded annually to top competitors world-wide at the annual Awards Banquet held in late June.